Introducing Sierra Julian Spring 2011

Posted: Dec 06 2010



Sierra Julian is a luxurious contemporary children's wear Brand dedicated to dress boys and girls from 6 months old to 12 years old.
The inspiration of our Collection is based on travelling the world,different wardrobes for different cities....the clothes adopt your way of life. Today in New York,tomorrow in Rome and in Harbour Island for the week end...your suitcase follows you with the appropriate outfit for each moment.Urban contemporary fitted pants with a fresh pima tee-shirt in New York and a zipped leather trimmed jacket,the perfect summer colourful cocktail dress for a drink at a Piazza de Spagna terrace or a light weight dress to go to a pink sand beach....

Each piece of the Collection is meant to create different looks, dressy or casual, classic or trendy as they can be worn in multiple ways.  We believe such versatility in terms of outfit combinations allows buyers more flexibility and strengthens their value proposition on the retail floor. We designed every style in such a way that each has a reason to be in the Collection and adds value to it.


The quality and the fit of each piece has been a constant obsession for us and we believe it is reflected in the choices of fabrics and partners we are working with. Having been retailers of children’s clothing ourselves, we truly appreciate the importance of having an end-product that is of the highest quality.



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