About Flying Colors Baby

In 2008, Flying Colors was born! Brought into the world with an array of colors, founder Faye Segal began as an Internet store. Business grew, and customers sought us out each season to delve into what was new, fresh, and exciting. Our impeccable taste, unmatched customer service, as well as demands from our customers helped us establish what Flying Colors needed - an actual storefront where our customers would be able to shop in person and feel our positive vibes.

Twice a year, our devoted team sets out on a mission: Bringing you the designer labels you know and love, and introducing you to new ones from the top of the fashion world. From Paris, Italy, NYC and throughout the fashion capitals, we strive in bringing you only the finest in the children's clothing industry. With personal attention to quality, comfort, and style, each piece is handpicked to provide a splash of color and creativity into your child’s wardrobe!

Eight years later, our goal remains the same in offering unmatched service and the latest in fashion trends. Whether you choose to shop in our boutique or online in your own home, we are here for you!




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