dazzling colors, varied motifs, and a cheery, colorful landscape that invites you to set off on your travels... Highly girly silhouettes blending fluorescence with soft pastels for looks with the scent of the sea and the waves! The materials display their virtuosity, from slim blue coated denim to the tulle of flounced dresses.  in the same idyllic landscape the boy’s boat has run aground on the IKKS island... An adventurer who dreams of being a pirate, he navigates a world inspired by the West Coast of the USA. His wardrobe, with clear references to that of the kid girl, is adorned with sparkling colors and summery materials for chic, characteristic looks. The “it”-pieces: the skull Bermuda shorts, the octopus t-shirt and the cashmere shirt sold with the sailor t-shirt which matches the swimming trunks.

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